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Schedule Brake Service with Diehl Hyundai in Sharon 

Servicing your brakes is a necessary part of vehicle maintenance. But for many owners, while maintaining a vehicle, service on brakes is often overlooked. Keeping your brakes in good working order can also help prevent costly repairs down the road. At Diehl Hyundai of Sharon, we have the right brake parts, tools and trained technicians to service your vehicle right. 

How To Know If Your Brakes Need Serviced

It is recommended to have your brakes inspected during routine auto repair — a minimum of every six months to 6,000 miles is suggested to ensure correct performance.

Where are we located?

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Common Signs That Brakes Need Servicing:

  • Delayed brake reaction when brakes are applied
  • Brakes are tough or hard to press
  • If your brake squeaks when there is pressure on the brake pad
  • Vehicle pulls to the side while braking 
  • Steering wheel or brake pedal vibrate when brakes are applied 
  • Anti-lock brake system warning light turns on 

How Diehl Hyundai Can Help You!

Proper braking functions are essential for safety while behind the wheel. When you press your brake pedal, a complex system goes into motion within your vehicle. That is why it is so important to have certified technicians service your vehicles with Hyundai brake service


Our full-service brake repair in Sharon,  includes:

  • Checking for even wear and measuring brake pad/shoe thickness
  • Ensuring brake lines and master and wheel cylinders aren’t leaking
  • Checking rotors for hot spots and run-outs
  • Inspecting calipers for wear, brake fluid leaks and movement
  • Checking anti-lock brake sensors
  • Testing hardware and making necessary adjustments
  • Checking brake fluid condition and levels
  • Topping off brake fluid